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About Us

Jordan (Gabriel) Kahn

With Jordan’s 25 + years’ experience as a FileMaker developer, you can be assured that your projects will be in capable hands and that you will get what you want and need.

Today, as in the past, Jordan’s goal is to develop the finest solutions for his customers’ needs. With modern technology, yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality.

Outside of FileMaker and Information Technology, Jordan’s main focus in life is his spiritual path, which he has been on for over 20 years.  It is a journey of self realization and God realization which encompasses heart, mind, body and spirit.  “When I first found this path, I knew immediately that I would devote my life to it.  It has brought me depths of love and fulfillment that I never thought were possible. It’s the real thing!”

The Associates

The associates network consists of the finest experts in all areas of computer and information systems technology.  Whether it’s modifying a report or setting up a web-based solution, we can do it.  Give me a call and let me know how I can be of service.

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